Pop Up Cinema – Pop Up Success

Emberwood and Clark NextRE delivered a three-night outdoor cinema event for free at the Emberwood Land Development on the last weekend of April, 2017.

One definition of community is “A group of people living and interacting with one another in a particular environment.” Quite literally, a successful land development does exactly this. Sue Roberts has turned her development at Emberwood into something quite unique. This isn’t just 330 pieces of grass; this is her family home. This is family farm which holds great memories and takes her back to a time when a community was more than a collection of houses. Instead, it was a place where neighbours spoke, where kids rode bikes up the street and where everyone felt welcome. Her vision for Emberwood is exactly that.

On the last weekend of April, Emberwood put on the first free, community outdoor cinema event in Warragul, with carefully selected movies to cater for every demographic. With over 500 ticket registrations (and with the April sky managing to stay clear each night), the sound of the movies echoed around town and gave that vibrant feeling of something big happening. The event was a raging success.

To measure success in the land development game, it comes down to sales. However, lead sales agent Peter Clark believes “Emberwood has been selling well, with approximately 50% of blocks already sold across the first 3 stages. We didn’t need the event to give it a boost; Sue was clear with us that she wanted it to be a community event, not a sales event. So we just opened the doors to the community, and we are so thankful to everyone who came along and supported the event.”

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